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Practice & Experience

We provide highly specialized financial advisory services to small business and nonprofit clients in the areas of tax and strategic planning, business restructuring, and mergers and acquisitions. We also provide financial and tax planning services to individual clients.

Ervil G. Spencer, CPA is currently the CEO & Managing Partner at CS Financial Advisors Inc., which he co-founded in 2003. At CS Financial Advisors, Ervil draws on his twenty-five years of experience in finance and tax to develop tailored solutions to address the unique needs of small business, nonprofit, and individual clients.

Ervil also serves currently as a partner with Greystone Equity Partners where he is responsible for development investment opportunities, executing investment transactions and management of portfolio companies. He is also a Director of Greystone Capital Partners, an advisory affiliate of Greystone Equity Partners.

Ervil serves as the lead adviser on client assignments that involve complex finance and tax issues. He functions as the virtual chief financial officer on CFO consulting engagements; guides entrepreneurs in establishing and growing business operations; provides financial advice relating to restructuring business operations; represents businesses in structuring and negotiating financing transactions; assists clients on domestic and international tax matters; and supports individuals and companies in navigating a myriad of complex tax compliance issues.

Prior to joining CS Financial Advisors and Greystone, Ervil spent 10 years on Wall Street as an investment banker, completing 52 financing transactions that raised nearly $14 billion in capital for corporate clients in the United States, Canada, and Latin America. These transactions included bond, bank, equity linked bridge loan, exchangeable preferred stock, and interest rate hedging transactions. In addition, he advised corporate clients on 15 debt restructuring transactions affecting over $4 billion in debt. These transactions entailed negotiating with several investors on bank and bond debt buybacks and amendments to various bond and bank debt agreements.

Ervil currently serves on the Advisory Board of the Accounting Department of Pace University's Lubin School of Business, where he has also served as an assistant professor of Accounting. He holds an MBA degree from Harvard University and a BBA from Pace University, where he graduated summa cum laude. He is a certified public accountant.

Trevor V Cumberbatch, EA is currently CFO & Managing Partner at CS Financial Advisors Inc.   Trevor has spent the majority of his working life in the area of Accounting. His earliest years were spent working in the government sector and several small businesses after which he moved into the banking industry where he spent over 20 years in financial reporting.

After leaving the banking industry, Trevor used his years of experience and started his own business as a tax practitioner and accountant where he focused on small businesses and non-profit organizations.

In 2003 Trevor collaborated with Ervil Spencer, CPA and co-founded CS Financial Advisors, Inc. He currently functions as a tax and accounting advisor to small business, non-profit and individual clients. Trevor also serves as the company’s CFO in addition to overseeing other day to day functions contributing to the growth of the company.

Trevor holds a BBA degree in Accounting & Finance from Baruch College, CUNY. He is also enrolled to practice before the IRS with the authority to represent clients in all Federal income tax matters.

Trevor holds a BBA degree in Accounting & Finance from Baruch College, CUNY. He is also enrolled to practice before the IRS with the authority to represent clients in all Federal income tax matters.

Experienced Advisors

We provide highly specialized tax & financial advisory services.


Ability to Stay

One Step Ahead

Our professionals that advise and represent our clients hold either a CPA or Enrolled Agent (EA) designation and are licensed to represent clients before the IRS.

Knowledge That Can Serve Your Needs

We have over 40 years combined in providing financial advisory, tax preparation and tax representation services.

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